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Re-entry Nursing

by schellslife schellslife (New) New

Hi fellow nurses, and hopefully hiring managers,

I have been out of bedside nursing for 5 years now, after 24 years of experience in ICU, CCU, Telemetry, M/S, etc. Although, I have been working as a home health nurse and clinical supervisor for the past 3 years, I have been looking forward to returning to bedside.

Well, after hundreds of applications later for hospital positions, and being rejected stating that I need recent acute care experience, I finally found an RN Refresher program that actually incorporated a 10 week preceptor program at a highly regarded, best trauma hospital in Northern California. I graduated from the program two weeks ago, and have applied for several positions in acute care. I have been rejected for three positions so far and one actually told me that I need two years recent acute care experience.

I need advice on how to get that experience or does anyone know anyone hiring or networking for us very experienced nurses, but has been away for several years.

Thanks Michelle