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I'm hoping to re-enter nursing after an absence of approximately 5 years. My last work was in pediatric home care. I felt my niche was in hospice; however, the program ceased to exist after a year. I loved the work but had little support from management and no orientation. I was hired, found I was the only nurse and suddenly found myself with 13 patients in a very disorganized setting.

Our ADN program was great for theory but I did not feel I got enough clinical hands-on. I also have ADHD, am 54 years old, and still am learning how to cope effectively with this condition.

Basically, I have good assessment skills, think "outside the box" just fine but have always had difficulty with organization. I did not come out of my experiences with a good sense of routine.

I would welcome advice on how to restart my career and how to succeed, without setting myself up for failure. I live in rural Vermont.


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Maybe you need to go back and take a rn refresher course. What kind of nursing do you want to get into? In any case I would think a refresher course would help with organization and give you more confidence in the type of nursing you would like to pursue.

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