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Re criminal history

luza luza (New) New

Hi I have a question and need advice.16 heard ago I was caught shoplifting and was given a ticket.I paid the fine.I am applying for a job a and submitted fingerprints.I didn't have fingerprints taken back then but had to go to court and pay the fine.Does anyone know how would this offense appear after fingerprints were taken.I was honest and put on my application and am waiting results.

It depends on how far back the background screen is run (typically seven years). Fortunately, companies may not discriminate against you based on criminal background unless it directly relates to the position. If you were able to get your RN license and you were honest on the application and your record has been clear since, I would approve the hire, but it depends on facility policy.

Hi luza,

I would recommend that you request a copy of your criminal history report. I don't know where you are, but in CA you go through the department of justice and get fingerprints or a livescan done, then request the report for your own information. A ticket may show up for government licensing entities or state/federal agencies (like if you applied with a prison, veterans hospital, or county hospital) but not likely it would show up for places like a Kaiser hospital or other private hospital. I would still check your background report to be sure.