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re: bac alcohol and drugs

by kgle kgle Member

I don't know if this is the right place, but I was hoping that some nurses were able to maybe shed light on this...

I really need someone to help me out if they can.

Here is the background...I guess I have to give it in order for someone to give me a possible answer.

My sister was rushed to the hospital this morning. She was hypothermic and had a BAC of .38. Yes, .38. I believe she had a temp of 75 when she was brought in.

She swears she only had 2 long islands last night before she went to hang out with this guy "John".

Long story short, "John" dropped her off at her boyfriend's house who is a sheriff and he called the EMTs. She was half naked and curled up in the fetal position. Wouldn't respond to sternal rub at all.

We are concerned about a possible rape and maybe a date rape drug. I don't think they have received results from the rape kit yet.

My question is: If she is telling the truth and only had 2 long islands, if she was given some sort of drama a la Rohypnol would it cause her to not remember having anything else to drink? Obviously those 2 drinks would not cause a BAC of 5 times the legal limit. Apparently it was 2 points away from her being considered legally dead.

"John" says that she was at his house and went outside to pee on the driveway (yeah right) and after he didn't see her for an hour he went outside to check on her. Found her out there, refused to bring her inside because she was too heavy, but also somehow got her in the car and took her to her boyfriend's. I just don't think that's feasible, and I also just don't believe she would go outside to pee on a 12 degree night.

My sister almost died last night. If she would have stayed outside in the snow, she would have died due to hypothermia.

Thanks to anyone who can give me any information at all. I am very distraught.

If it helps, we also think she has an alcohol problem. (Her friend that was with her before she went alone to "John's" also vouched and said she only had two drinks)

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Your best bet is to speak with the people in the Emergency Dept. where she was seen. Honestly, since they saw and treated her, they are the ones to have an idea of her real situation.

Your sister (I gather she is a legal adult) can request appropriate blood tests through the ED or her doctor.

Drugs and alcohol (alcohol IS a drug!) can definately effect one's memory.

You all should ask to speak with a case worker there who can guide you through what you need to know.

Nobody can give you good answers for this over the 'net without being involved in the case.

I know that no one can really give me answers, I was just curious of the effects of a date rape drug...and if she was able to remember the 2 drinks at the bar, but have memory loss after, regardless of whether she drank more before or after she was hypothetically drugged.

My parents are still at the hospital so I am just biding my time worrying waiting for them to call me :)


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date rape drugs

please ask your questions of the professionals at the hospital, especially social worker staff. they can best help your family.

per our terms of service we can not offer individual personal advice.

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