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RCGC Nursing Program

by ad362 ad362 (New) New Pre-Student

I found out about RCGC from a friend in January of senior year. I didn't even know it existed because I live in Camden County and my school never had RCGC visit. The application due date was in February and I had to take the HESI exam asap. I only had one month to study and take it once since there was one final test date. I passed every single section I was required to take EXCEPT vocabulary, which was two points below the required score (min of 70; I got a 68). So now I have to take the Health Science track for one year, then reapply. Do I have a good chance of getting in the second time around?

This program has been named number 1 in the state for multiple years. I graduated from there last year and the program is highly competitive. You will need strong HESI scores as well as all A’s in your pre-reqs. Many of us had a 4.0 when we applied. They use a points scale to rank applicants so even though you meet all of the requirements, you can still be waitlisted if other applicants scored higher. Good Luck! You can do it!