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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone applied for RCBC spring 2018. Hope those that read are accepted. The anticipation is outlandish. I'm waiting for my acceptance letter too! Trusting in God...

Hey, I am also waiting on the email. Cant wait to find out already. Fingers grossed we get accepted

I'm praying for us! Did you finish all your prereqs? Im almost finished only have AnP 2 n Microbio which will be completed before spring. The waiting period is so frustrating. But God's will be done!

Yes, I have everything completed. Why do they make us wait so long :)

Thank you

Omg the wait is horrible! Does anyone know when they will be mailing out letters? What are the odds of getting in? I wish everyone luck! We are all just trying to get ahead in life and this kinda stuff holds us up ������

I was going to call them and ask, but it is pointless. All the will tell me is whatever is on their website.

I know. I had the Dean on the phone yesterday and she said to email The Nursing department with any questions you have. I felt like saying how did you become the Dean if you can't answer my questions? Geez!

And they never answer your emails anyway. I emailed them twice, never got an answer. They just kept updating the info online.

It says on the site acceptance letters will go out no later than 9/15. But from previous years looks like they haven't gone out on time. I know the dean has changed alot of things based on posts from other years as well. Sounds like she revamped quite a bit. I'm going to wait until the 15th and then probably send an email or call. Hopefully since the fall semester has begun staff and admin are on the normal schedule and not the summer schedule responses will come more quickly.

Patience is a virtue lol. Def understand the anxiousness.

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I really hope that we will get an answer before Sept 15 th, since it says that they email it.

Ohhhhh , its Frustrating.

It's def a long wait. We'll all know soon. Getting read to dive into some work now. Yikes! Lol

Hey did anyone hear anything yet from the school?

Nothing yet for me :(

Me either :/ hopefully we will get an answer by Friday!

Nope nothing yet. Don't think they even started sending them out though. Few people I spoke with said it's still kinda chaotic trying to get any info.

On rcbc web says that applicants for spring will recieve an email on the 19th 😑

Yeah I saw. Did you get an email?

No í ½í¸¥, did you?