Rasmussen Topeka


Is there any reviews on Rasmussen in Topeka KS for the ASN program? There isn't much information on the school and I was wondering if it's worth my time.

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I see it is a new school.

It had a 81% first-time pass rate on the NCLEX in 2016 which is slightly below the national average, but higher than Kansas's fairly low pass rate of 78%.


I don't see that they are accredited by the ACEN. The ACEN is one of two organizations that review and accredit nursing programs. The other organization, CCNE, only accredits baccalaureate and graduate programs. Not being accredited by one of these a huge red flag. It will hinder further schooling since many schools and some employers look for this.

I also could not verify that the school is regionally accredited which is the standard for colleges and universities across the country.

Lastly, their site looks like they are for-profit and trying to reel students in. All of these together make me recommend giving this school a pass.