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One of the issues that I was thinking about the other day, is that I am not sure I trust the government or the for-profit dialysis chains in the care of dialysis patients. Meaning, anytime, any group has too much power, over the years, it leads to abuse. Police officers who have too much power can lead to abuse, yes, some police officers are jerks, and they should be pushed out of the system. For example, a police officer who has a DUI, should be removed from the police force, end of discussion. How can the police officer enforce the law, when he or she is breaking the law? Being a police officer, does not give that officer the right to abuse the public. Yes, it does get on my last nerves, when I watch a police officer turn on the lights just to get thru a red light. Turning on the lights should only be used to pursue criminals or to assist a fellow officer in need of assistance, such as in the commission of a felony, think armed robbery or assault.

Yet, I have heard of armed guards being used in the case of dialysis patients. Yes, I am sure in some cases, it is justified. No, being on dialysis does NOT give you the right to abuse the Nursing staff, not today, tomorrow, or ever. If the Nursing staff is afraid of serious bodily harm, then, an armed guard or detail(off-duty police officer) is warranted. However, I have heard of cases where an armed detail was used, when the dialysis consumer was only concerned about their care, for example, a dialysis staff member who did not wash their hands after taking out the trash. My RN sister said that is disgusting.

You have realize that if you are not at the dialysis clinic, as if you were not at the crime scene, it is tough to know what really happened to make a fair analysis. Many times, it is not very clear, if the dialysis clinic or the dialysis consumer is the issue or problem. Yes, dialysis consumers lie, as people lie, all day and night.

One issue that really concerns me is that it seems that the ESRD networks are worthless, that complaints from dialysis consumers, go right back to the company in question. This would seem to be an abuse of authority. Think about someone being tried for a crime without a jury trial of their peers, for example, or a Nurse being booted out of a job without reasonable documentation.

I know that when I was at Davita, the one time, I complained in five years about the FA, screaming at me over the phone, for no reason, it was ignored by building social worker. The FA was honked off because I could not afford to pay $4.09 per gallon in gas costs to drive 45 minutes, both ways, for fistula training. Yes, I really wanted to go to the training, I liked the trainer, very good RN, love fistulas, hate catheters. The sooner I could get rid of that catheter, the happier I would be. However, I did not have unlimited funds for gas at the time.

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That's why I think home dialysis is the best option. If not that then a Fresenius 2008K in the back of my pick up truck. Will accept cash for services.

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