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Are there any parts of the US where there are not enough candidates to enter nursing programs? In Arizona where I live nursing students are standing in line over night to turn in their applications as programs have few spots open for Spring 2002. I'm not sure I want to wait until Fall to apply for the program. I am single, 40 (October 18th) and have no family obligations that would prevent me moving to another part of the country. I am interested in pursing either ADN or BSN. Arizona has about 5 community college programs and 3 universities that offer nursing degrees and they all fill up quickly. I pretty much have most Science, Math, General Study requirements already completed. GPA is average (about 3.2). Then again I would have to pay out-of-state tuition so perhaps this is redundant. I only put in my GPA and what classes I ahve completed should anyone ask me that question...Thanks.

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