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Random-But considering a move..how are nurses in British Columbia finding it all?


So i'm a newish(2 years) grad-but been stuck as a Charge Nurse of a LTC home in my home province of Newfoundland in a smaller town. I'm really considering just flat out making a real strong go at moving to BC(mainly Vancouver Island) ...

Just wondering how the Nurses in the area found it?

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Not really a demand on the Island for nurses. Two university programmes on the Island alone and three that I can think of on the lower mainland.

Islanders tend to hire locally and don't really care about experience in other provinces (I know because we lived there due to my husband's job and it takes forever to even get an interview as an "outsider") A coworker moved to the Island last year and it took her nearly six months to find work and she's highly specialized.

There really aren't a lot of full time positions out there. Mainly you start off casual and hope for hours, if you can get hired. You might stand a chance of getting hired up the north end of the Island or even on Haida Gawaii (never know how to spell it, but it used to be the Queen Charlottes).

Just check the VIHA jobs board.

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I've heard the same from a few coworkers who were educated in BC and moved to AB because they couldn't find jobs except casual.

AB is really no better. If you're flexible, do a Canada wide search and move where the desired job is located. People are moving hoping to easily find work in a particular Province, except that tactic is rarely successful anymore.

Yeah seems to be the situation all around. Generally does not seem to be a great time to be a Nurse job wise. Was hoping BC/Vanc island just based on lifestyle wise I could be fairly content in the area for a few years.

My opinion is now is not the best time to move to BC for nursing as there are many changes occuring due to the implementation of the CDMR or 48/6. Nurses are losing jobs here. Do your research before considering a move.


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Sounds like it might be their version of "workplace/workforce utilization"

CDMR care delivery model redesign. Check the BCNU website for information, although it is happening province wide not just within Island Health.

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The same models are happening across Canada and the US. Jobs are not plentiful anywhere.

So I've now read about the Care Delivery Model Re-Design in BC. Another name for "Workforce Transformation" in AB. RNS are replaced with LPNS, LPNS with health care aides. The right care for the right patient.

In plain English, the government doesn't want to invest in health care. They all intend to invest minimally in front line care.

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I am a RN in Northern BC, and I currently hold a full-time permanent position, as well as two casual jobs. I don't have days off! I think it all depends where in BC you are looking to move - you may have some luck in Northern BC, especially if you have experience under your belt and are willing to work in underserviced areas. However, I do think we are over saturated with new nursing grads in BC who are struggling to find work, and there not being enough jobs that aren't just very casual gigs.

But like I said, it all depends where you are wanting to move in BC, and whether or not you have nursing experience. I have no shortage of work at this time, but know nurses who are just waiting by their phones to get called in. Best of luck! :)