Rambling post: First week of nursing school reflection


Just started nursing school (accelerated bs) on Tuesday and I have met three professors. At first impression I like each of my professors a lot, and I'm really excited about the semester. I'm fortunate to have really smart, highly experienced profs.

The method for teaching seems to be throw you in the water, you'll swim. If you can't swim, we'll be here with swimming assists until you can swim.

A little scary. But I do thrive under pressure and when I'm challenged.

I am taking advanced health assessment, which will count for both my bsn and my dnp. This class has me a little concerned, learning curve seems steep. Academically, I am very strong, my ability to retain, synthesize, analyze what I read is excellent. But when it comes to observation skills I am slower. I don't know how I compare with the average person, but I know it doesn't come as easy as the book stuff. I think it will take me longer to be able to tell differences in sounds, for example. Once I get it, I get it. As an example though, It took me a long time to be able to find and feel my own pulse in a class I took a while ago. Probably the last one. :-(

I really think it is the way I'm wired. I have to work hard to pick up sensory details. But I very easily see the big picture and get all angles.

My plan is to double practice all observational skills, until I get them. As I said before, once I get it, I get it.

Any other nursing students/nurses out there who need extra time with practical/observational skills?

I am also taking advanced patho, But I'm not worried about that one.

I feel a little impatient with some of my younger classmates who surmise about whether a professor will be lenient, or how much do we really need to know. I feel like I'd better know all of it and then some if I'm going to take on the responsibility of this career. I don't want anyone to be lenient with me. I want to be well trained. But I just smile at them and say, I'm sure we can handle the work. Then I feel better, and I can actually like them.

This has turned into quite a ramble. But lastly, my husband has been a butthead. He seems jealous, insecure and controlling since i started nursing school. I am a little torn between consoling and nurturing him and ignoring him, being intolerant to his ********.

Your thoughts are appreciated in advance.

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To quote a famous disney character, " let it go, let it go..." i would just roll with things at home for a while. Starting nursing school is a big change for him too. Why start off fighting. Just let him know how much you appreciate him, and make some time each day where you dont take about your school. Ask about his day and try to focus on his time for a bit too. If your anything like me, i get so excited i cant stop talking about it or thinking about it. Just make sure he doesnt feel left behind by this awesome thing your doing.

But that being said also dont feel guilty or bad about making the time to reach your goals either. Just ride it out for a while and see what shakes out. Some guys can handle it. Good luck!