RN/MRT Inserted PICCs

  1. The IR docs in my department have been placing PICCs in our pediatric centre. We are now looking into an RN/MRT PICC insertion program--using fluoro on cuffed PICC lines. Just wondering if anybody out there does PICC inserts using access--wire into IVC--lidocaine--dermatotomy--dilatation/sheath--PICC--fluoro with contrast administration--cuff insertion--suturing of line etc. Seems like a lot, I know, but our hospital uses cuffed lines as the uncuffed ones seem to "fall out" alot
    Also, what, if any, kind of medical directives have you documented.
    Thanks for any guidance.
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  3. by   BigDog
    We dont do many pedi piccs if we do the kid is like 8 y/o we do iit same as adults with sonasite vein location sheath etc.We dont use contrast unless the wire gets hung up.We do use pedi size line without a cuff and at times they do seem to "fall out".Not sure what you mean by directives we dont have a specific protocol for peds picc.We use the same screening form as for adults.