Radiation Oncology Nursing?

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Could someone explain to me the role of a radiation oncology nurse?  Is it mostly education and coordination of treatment or is there a clinical side to it as well?  Do you need certain clinical skills?  I've been working in nursing for 11 years now - Med/Surg, LTC, Clinic settings, but interested in finding more about this side of nursing.  Would appreciate any insight.  Thank you!




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I worked in Radiation oncology for 2 years. In my facility it was mostly education and treatment coordination. However depending on the oncologist there could be some port access and IV starts for planning CT with contrast.  Also there tends to be alot of skin assessment due to the effect of radiation on the skin.  There is a fair amount of discussion about sexuality due to the effects of radiation in the area of the pelvis.   I found it to be a rather satisfying nursing role due to being able to get to know your patients usually over several weeks.   Also I should mention you work very closely with usually very knowledgable professionals called Radiation Therapists.