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Racism does it exist in healthcare? What are we doing towards decreasing it?

Larry Larry (Member)

In the UK we practice Equal Opportunity Legislation but its only skin deep. What are conditions like for you?

Is their institutional racism where you work? Is their racism towards staff? Or is their a different racism towards underfunding or not offering the right treatment?

What should nurses do?

With regard to the comments attributed to me in 'Racism and the NHS' (analysis October 20), I feel that the one quote used did not fully reflect my views. The NHS should be focusing on wiping out racism and giving everyone an equal chance of climbing the management ladder. Everyone, whether they are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds or not, should be encouraged to take up nursing. I believe that equal opportunities should be exactly that: 'equal for all'.
Frith,N (2004) Equal opportunities for all. Nursing Standard 19(7) 31


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Racism? Not from me.

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