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Does anyone know--how long it would take for an R.N. to become a P.A.?

My dh is losing it--thinking financially we'll sink. (d/t his job--he keeps talking how he thinks he's going to lose his job)

I'm trying to help him through this. Telling him we're doing fine. We have a lot in the savings. If you lose your job we'll be fine for a year or two if you're jobless.

I've justed to him to look into different career's perhaps if 5 years down the line you unexpectedly become jobless you KNOW what type of job to go into. Go to school and etc. All he does is sit and worry.

So I've decided maybe to go back to school.

Does anyone know what a P.A. makes per hour?

orrnlori, RN

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Here our PA program at the University of Kentucky is a master's program of 2 years full full full time. Admission is tough, 40 positions with over 400 applicants per class. Don't know what is like elsewhere.

PA's pay will be relevent to the area you go into and where you are living. Remember though with a PA you have to recertify every 6 years. Seems it would make more sense to go for NP or some other higher nursing degree.


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DH needs to start marketing himself now to recruiters and businesses. He needs to polish off the resume now and shine the shoes. Waiting until the boom is lowered is too late.

If he starts looking and pulls himself together to do so he might find he will get to keep the job he has.

Worry accomplishes nothing.

At least if he is laid off he will be a head of the game even if he has not found a job by then.

He needs to take action and get off the defensive.

You are not the solution to the situation. You are obviously dependent on you two incomes. If you try and rescue things yourself you will ultimately be left hold a very leaky bag.

He need his self esteeem intact to find work. Waiting until he is laid off destroys that. If god frobid you are supporting him adequately and he is laid off and then has trouble finding work it becomes a vicious spirial down in the confidence dept.

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