"Will I Get In?" "Is Nursing For Me?"


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There are a million of these posts from pre-nursing students asking if they will get into xxxxxx school with xxxxxx qualifications.

Google is your best friend for this question.

There is not one person on this site that is able to answer this (unless of course they work in admissions for the school, but more than likely not).

Most schools have a list online of their requirements to get into the program. Find their website, find the requirements, read the requirements.

If you cannot locate these requirements, make an appointment with an advisor.

Personally, I would do both.

(This also goes for any other campus-specific type of question).

The other one I see frequently is "Is nursing for me?" and proceed to enter a long back story and list of why they want to get into nursing and why nursing is potentially not what they want to do.

Again, nobody can really answer this for you. This is a decision you have to make for yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else on this site. Go with what you feel.