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"Will you fix me?"


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"Can you make me better?""It hurts Nurse Lucky...right here...make it stop please.""Why am I sick?""I wish I could be like those other kids...""Can you hold my hand...my feet are cold...and the room is moving again.""Nurse Lucky...why am I bleeding there?"&"I'm getting better nurse lucky...I was able to eat all my food this time like you asked.""nurse lucky it's been a whole day and I have only hurt once today...and it wasn't even that bad.""Mom says that soon I'll be able to go home and you can come visit me!" (even though this isn't true "/)"I just needed to share these words with other nurses... How does one cope with questions like that?..I am having a hard time taking care of one of my patients...she causes me so much strife by speaking words so innocently bold and truthful...she is only 10 and my heart literally hurts for her...Has anyone ever been in a Situation like this?

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Has anyone ever been in a Situation like this?

Yep. Be honest with them.

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yes. Pedi patients really tug at your heart. The good news is, you KNOW you are doing something positive for them. Hugs and kisses work wonders too, but make sure you have witnesses!!! I always asked the parents if I could give the patient a goodbye hug before they went home and no one ever said no.