"Question Everything. Learn Something. Answer Nothing."


I was diagnosed with ADHD during nursing school, so my classroom time wasn't as 'enriching' as others might have experienced. Quite honestly I learned nothing while sitting there while balancing my checkbook, writing in my new planner, and you get the drift. Simply remember this advice and you will be thanking me later.

First: Repeat after me "PowerPoint handouts are my friend"

Second: Find a pen that you would fight to the death over, it's a nurse thing, and have a one subject notebook.

Third: Get out your PowerPoint handouts and your textbook. Find referenced material from handout in book and begin to write.

Finally: Write till the cows come home.

Don't be intimidated by your book or try to be overzealous and read additional chapters; as that's simply mental suicide. Stick to what you have been told to study. Nursing school really is a walk in the park.


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I always thought I hated those PowerPoint handouts but I always found (especially in my Chem class) that those were the notes that saved me! I always used the Bic 4 colored pen and had sloppy yet colorful notes. I'd record lecture and mark down times next to my slides (ex: next to slide 15 I'd write @1230 for 12.5 minutes), always being sure to wear my watch to make it easier. Whenever I'd get confused I'd just listen back at that section of lecture and it was ever so helpful. I remember I doubted the PowerPoint slides at one time but now I couldn't agree with you more!