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Hi everyone,

I am going to start travel nursing sometime around the first of the year. How do you go about researching the potential hospital you're going to?

Second, does anyone have a link to a post, or any direct advice, regarding what ducks I need to have lined up before taking an assignment? I've read/heard various things about housing and pay, and just want to make sure I'm not biting off more than I can currently chew.


Hey guys, any takers?

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Doesn't work that way.

You affiliate with travel agencies.

I recommend @ least 4 DIFFERENT companies.

(Some companies have the same parent corporation)

Once you're credentials are in place and you're ready to "travel"

you let them know an area or region that interests you.

Hospitals/facilities that need assistance place "open orders"

either nationally or to specific travel companies. You then pick

and choose a facility if you're interested (usually based on wages

and compensation. Sometimes by their reputation) and have them

submit your credentials for them to review.

You then interview and MAYBE they'll hire you.

Picking a specific hospital in particular...

One that meets YOUR time-frame rarely happens (NEVER happens)

Thank you so much for your response. I learned a lot from it! Take care--

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Check out the Highway Hypodermics website. Lots of good resources plus it compares benefits of certain companies to others. I would then suggest choosing some (as previous poster suggested), calling them to get more info and then getting everything you need to travel with those companies. Applications, resumes, licenses, credentials, etc. Some companies can have you lined up for where you want to go 1 or 2 months in advance, but with most assignments, you may have only a week's notice. Goodluck! :)

I agree with the other comments :)

That said, if there's a specific hospital you're definitely interested in you could ask your recruiter to scope it out for you. OR, you could contact HR at that hospital and ask if they hire travelers and through which agency. Kind of reverse order, but it might get you where you want to be.

Also, make sure you have record of your vaccinations and/or titers.

All the best!

I just wanted to stop in and offer a HUGE thankyou to all who've posted back to me. I have been checking out the webside HH, and find it very informative. I was actually about to go the same route as many new travel nurses, meaning I had a company picked out and was only focusing on it. However now, I am applying with other agencies, based on what I research about them.

I am starting to see in life that it-life/what I want-isn't going to just fall in my lap. I know it should be no big surprise, but I think a combination of fatigue and fear have stood in my way for too long. It's time to make time, sit down, and do the work to get what I want.

Thanks again.

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I am new to traveling nursing also, thank for the information. Actually new to this board I would like to thank and all nurses here. I learned a lot of different aspects of nursing from here. I really appreciate!

Thanks to EmergencyNrse, I am taking her advice and try to affiliate with 3-4 staffing agencies.

I have finished all the paper work for the first company and let them know I am available now. I finished the application form for the 2nd one, the recruiter sent me email ask my start date and other information. Now my question is that do I let both agencies look for the hospital for me at the same time or wait for the first one's answer first? How about when I add the third one? Do I have to let them know that I am working with other agency? Is any ethical reason or any common sense here I'd better follow? They would all know that I am out of work for one and half years and want to work now(took one year break and look for work for 6 months).

Appreciate for any help and advice.

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