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Maybe the scope of practice is different in NJ, but I am an LPN and I do everything an RN does, without the co-signature of an RN. I assess. I care plan. I educate. I hang IV's. I start IV's. I draw blood. I pass my meds. I mix IV medications. I inject. I do everything, but push IV meds. I am compensated more than most BSN's I know working in hospitals. I am given more bonuses and more over time than you can imagine. Do I work in a hospital ? No. I have been in a SNF since I received my license. But I'm writing this because I'm tired.. SO tired of hearing 'oh, you're just an LPN. You don't do what RN's do' ..


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I like your post. I worked my way thru RN school as a CNA. I wanted to first help pay for college and second start at the beginning so I would know what it's like. I know how to work with CNA's now and have a great deal of respect for what they do. We should all work together and not put down anyone.


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I've worked my way up the educational ladder, so to speak. LPN, ASN, BSN, and now working on my MSN. And let me tell you...LPN school was TOUGH. I call it my nursing boot camp. I have respect for all nurses who work hard, regardless of credentials.

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