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Hello all the wonderful people in allnurses.com...greeting to you. So I am a recent new grad nurse. I passed my NCLEX in the beginning of Sept. I didn't start looking into finding jobs until 2 weeks ago...I was not having any luck in the hospitals...So I decide looking into nursing home, long term facilities and other medical center...I know it is hard to land a job in new york city specially. I have applied to a geriatric center for a home care nurse position and got my interview today...the nurse supervisor want to hire me and train me...I am very moved with the offer...So should I take it or not... FYI I get the job because of my language skills so not much people fit the requirements that they are looking for. My big question for you and for myself is...so I take it or wait around for hospital to hire me in the city... Thank you so much everyone! (Previous posted in NY forum but I really more inputs)

My questions are if I do accept the job...I will be working from 9am-5pm Full Time Work...but still have time for myself...she said is pretty straightforward work and i will be the first grand new graduate they hired...because two new nurses she hired, one had previous experience and other work worked in acute homecare for 4 months...so I am the only one with ZERO experience in the field...What can I do as a new grad nurse to advance myself...For example preparing for GRE, IV certificate and others....:confused:

Please give me some insights, suggestions and guidance :heartbeat

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