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One of my friends just gave birth to her first son. She is a staunch believer in the 'Babywise' method and has all of the books. She said when she was in the hospital and the nurses saw she was reading this book, they told her they didn't agree with the premise and teachings of the book. She was sort of offended since she said she didn't ask for their opinion, but it hasn't swayed her from implementing the 'Babywise' teachings.

If any of you nurses out there have experience with the teachings of this book, please share your wisdom as to why this is a horrible book. I have done a Google search on this and just about every single website devoted to the 'Babywise' method (Christian and secular) has been negative, even though my friend has said she has been successful at getting her son to 'sleep through the night.' Help!



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not heard of if but if its doing on harm dont knock it my moto. there are very few blac and white issues in bringing up babies/children


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