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:D When the RN requirements at a hospital state "at least 1 year of acute care experience", does that include Nurse Tech experience too? I'm a tech now and am still working on my pre-req's, so that means I'll be a tech for a few years, which will give me a whole lotta experience right up close. Does this give me an advantage or does it not matter?

Any thoughts on this question are greatly appreciated.

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No, they mean acute care experience as an RN. I was a CNA too; being a CNA is NOTHING like being an RN. Being a CNA helps for your first med surg clinical in terms of bed manner; that's about it. It's valuable experience because you get to see a lot of stuff but unless you're doing the RN work, it won't count.

That being said, being a tech will give you an advantage when you apply over other new grads.

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