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Quitting my first nursing job!


Hi fellow nurses,

i am a recent new RN grad and landed my first job in a nursing home which I thought would be a great place to start since I use to be a CNA and have taken care of the geriatric population. The orientation was great which the organization really valued their goals, patients and employees. I felt special and happy to work in a place where the staff were very nice and the environment was positive. I was disappointed when I was told I would get less than a week of training. The first day on the job I was on a unit that was very busy and complex. Also, my preceptor was not very informative or good at training me in which gave me some doubt whether this job was a fit for me. However my training did get better with different preceptors who taught differently. Anyways, after my short training period I felt I was not ready yet and asked for more days. Since staffing was tight and short notice I was left to start on my own. After a few days into jobs I made so many mistakes and felt so incompetent. Everyone kept telling me it will get better with time. I felt so much pressure and stress. I would skip my lunch breaks just so I can get through with all my work. I told my supervisor I wanted to quit because I was afraid with the lack of training and experience I was putting patient in danger a well as myself. I really don't know what to to do. I don't have a job line up and afraid that other job will think of me. I feel deep within myself that this job was bit right for me. Any advice for me to get through this crisis :(

What did your supervisor say when you told him/her that you felt your inexperience was putting your residents in danger?

I'm in the same situation as you. new grad working at a ltc. I also thought it would be great place to start off. My orientation was really short only 3 days and then off on my own. I never thought about asking for more days though. I was so stressed out that first day I got really sick and couldn't go back for a week. I've been on my own for about 2 weeks and feel so incompetent too. I've made a few mistakes and that has made me feel so insecure. I also skip lunch so I can leave at a reasonable time. I've thought of quitting a few times, but don't want to give up just yet. Any new will bring a new type of stress. Give your self a chance. I know this isn't much advice, but you're not alone in how you feel. Best wishes

I was told it would get better with time and that I would soon be up to speed. However I just had this gut feeling like the job is not right for me I could not envision myself to work there as much as I try to convince myself. As a new grad nurse I want to do everything as best as I can and I feel the job did not prepare me well enough before putting me on my own.

Thank you for your advices. I have worked in long term care for quite sometime and always enjoy the foundation of taking care of the geriatrics closely. I thought once I became a nurse I would still be able to have that. I know there are people out there who tell me that I'm foolish for leaving my job, but I worked too hard and too long for my degree and licenses to be taken away from me in an instant.