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Quit PCT Job Hurt future RN Job Prospects?

I currently work as a PCT at a Local hospital. This is my last term in my BSN program and it is also the term we have a preceptorship. For my school our preceptorship consists of us doing full-time nursing hours practically until the semester ends. The school would prefer for the students to take a leave of absence/not work. We also have an ATI comprehensive predictor we need to pass during this time frame.

I have been a PCT a little over a year and I do not plan on working for my current hospital because my plan is to move back home (different state).

I am thinking of quiting my job as a PCT altogether, but I am scared that this will hurt my job prospects (employers wondering why I quit) when I start looking at new grad programs. Any advice would be great!

Check your hospital policy. Most places won't allow a PCT turned RN to continue to work as a PCT. So there's your reason right there.


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