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I am a new graduate LPN just got my license the beginning of July. I worked since the beginning of April at a SNF as a CNA. When i got my license they hired me as an LPN. I was supposed to have 3 weeks of orientation...but...the third day orientating my preceptor had an emergency and had to leave. So for the most part since then I've been on the floor on my own with 25 patients. They've sent people to orient me every few days or so but In the past 3 weeks its been about maybe 1/3rd of the time that i have had a preceptor.

I feel like a total idiot here(heard thats common with new grads?) so I'm trying to stick it out. I ask the nurse on the other wing about things, but they have their own patients so she doesn't have the time to show me things. I have doctors, PT, families coming to me asking me questions and needing things from me and i have no clue how to do half of the things that i need to. I don't want to quit, because i know I'd feel like if i can't handle this, how can i handle something else? I've talked to the DON who told me that the training isn't very good or almost non-existent.

Additionally, there is a position opening up at a school for medically fragile children. I want to apply but what are the chances that i can do that then later after getting my RN being able to get work in acute care?


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Well, at this point you'd be quitting with no alternative. Applying and actually getting hired are two very different things.

You could apply and see if they're interested. If they are, then you have a decision to make.