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Quit my job for School?


I have come to all conclusions that I cannot work my FT job and go to school at night for LPN (or vise versa) It is too much time away from home as I am still raising my 16 yr old. Once I am an LPN, I would like to work in a hospital while getting obtaining my RN degree. I want to take advantage of any grants I may apply for while my daughter is under 18. I am a single mom. If I quit my job, do you think there are enough grants out there to keep me going with all my bills for about 16 months? I have bad credit so student loans are out the window and in 2009 I made about $47k. Someone at my job told me that once they quit their job and went back to school, they were able to do it with assistance. Please - advice! Thanks!

I would love to know how to do this as well.


Because of your income in 2009 you probably would not qualify for federal grants. I know at my CC you can apply for an appeal to this decision if you are laid off and other reasons beyond your control, but not if you just quit. Look into this at your school.

try to get laid off then u can collect unemployment and still go to school


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You can't try to get laid off, you can only try to get fired, and that would hurt you in the future. (Plus this is dishonest, unempoyment is for people who lost their jobs, who need support while their looking for a new one) Try the Pell grant, Single mom? There may be some scholarships. It's alot of work but there is money out there. Be very careful when it comes to anything you have to pay back. An LPN doesn't make all that much when you take away the payments. Good luck to you!

Pell Grant is need based aid and b/c of your previous salary I don't know if you'd qualify. You need to still submit a FAFSA...it's free and relatively painless to do. Based on that info, they will see what you qualify for. Some might be loans like an Unsub stafford. YOu can also search your college's scholarships and grants too. There might be something there for you.

I've heard of people who leave their employment and survive on grants and loans alone. I have a family and a full time jnob. It would be great to quit and focus on school. I'm gonna look further into this.


Many years later, I wanted to provide an update. I started LPN school April 2010 and graduated Jan 2012. I now work 13 hr shifts and find it, yet again, difficult to go back to RN school with these hours. I work Thurs-Sun nights so my only option would be to only work wknds and go to school during the week. Day time classes will get me through school quicker but the mixed day and night schedule will probably kill me. I will figure something out as my reg pay plus OT doesn't even amount to what I could be making with reg pay alone as an RN.