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Quickest way to become a nurse

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Hello I am very new to this site. I live in Brooklyn,NY and i am presently 30 years old i wanted to know what is the quickest way for me to become a Nurse I presently have a B.S. in Liberal Arts. I have no science classes I have been giving it alot of thought and i decided to go for my LPN license first and then gradually for my RN because i am presently working an off the book job because i previously lost my 9-5 because of budget cuts. I always wanted to become a nurse and i guess i was scared of only god know what. I am now ready to face my fears. So i am asking for anyone to please give me any info u may have because it has been really hard looking for an LPN program within the 5 boroughs so please send me any info u may no i am open to suggestions.Thanks


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Hint: don't be an LPN. Most hospitals aren't hiring any more LPNs - the ones that have 20 years of experience are lucky if they can keep their job. As a result, it's hard to find LPN programs. If you want a way to make decent money, I'd recommend getting your CNA license (a six week course), and working through an ADN program. CNAs usually have a comparable salary to an LPN.

A standard ADN program can be completed in 2 years (but may require summer classes), and since you already have a liberal arts degree, that probably wipes out most of your electives.

Good luck!

There are also accelerated BSN programs for those who already have a BA/BS in some other subject -- those are often shorter/quicker than ADN programs, although they are extremely intense, rigorous, and demanding academically (it's basically the same nursing content and same # of clinical hours as the nursing courses of a "regular" BSN or ADN program, just crammed into a shorter amount of time).

I would encourage you to talk personally with folks at all the RN programs in your area (I agree with the suggestion to skip LPN licensure entirely) and see which one would best suit your needs, without making any assumptions about any of them. You might be surprised at what you find out.