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So I had a interview for a resdiency program almost two weeks ago. The nursing directors told us that they would be in contact with us the follow week (it was a Monday so the following Monday). So Monday comes and goes and so and so forth.....Friday strolls on in...NO CALL... So my boyfriend says "Hun I think you should call and follow up" so I did and to my luck the nurse recruiter answers her DIRECT line!! (wow!) and I go on to say hi my name is _____ and came to the interview about 10 days ago and I wanted to know if you guys made a decision on the candidates etc. And she says "well we have but we haven't made any calls for job offers as yet I was trying to get to that today but we'll keep in touch"..

My thing is if I got picked why didn't she just tell me? Idk...my boyfriend said "if you didn't get picked maybe she wouldve said "sorry all the positions have been filed sorry"...it's just so nerve wrecking...what do you guys think? Call back on Monday? Or wait it out?

It could be she didn't have any of the applications or lists in front of her so she wouldn't know to tell you if you're in or not. I know, it would be easier if she listened to your name and look it up right away to tell you. But maybe they also have a protocol they follow when they make calls. It really could do either way.

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Very true thanx!

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There are lots of possibilities. It might be that she didn't have the list. It might be that they are calling people in a certain order ... juggling positions as people accept and decline the offers. I do that with an extern program that I run.

If someone declines my offer, it creates a domino effect by creating a "hole" in the available positions. Someone else who had wanted that particular unit, but was being offered her 2nd choice now gets moved to her first choice ... which moves the "hole" to another unit ... etc. I look at the people at the waiting list and "re-juggle" as appropriate to try to get the best fit for everyone involved.

It's not as simple as you may imagine it to be.

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In my experience of the states I've lived and worked in they don't call the ones that aren't going to be offered anything. Instead they send out a letter. This has been my experience with everyone I know who has applied. The only time a call was made was when it was positive.

As for her not telling you on the phone perhaps she didn't really recognize who you were and do you think you're the only one who called? Could be she's a stickler about procedure, could be they haven't made the decision yet regardless of what she said, could be....................oh I'm so glad I don't have to wait around any longer like that; use to drive me half crazy.

So relax and good luck; hope everything works well.

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As Tyvin said, she had no proof as to who you were-it could have been anyone phoning in and giving your name; not that that's really likely, but the possibility exists.

Good luck, I hope you're one of the lucky ones.

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