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Hello there! I am a High School senior and I am interested in Nursing. I plan on going to a community college for my pre-reqs and then going to a 4 year to get my BSN. So my questions are, is it a regular transferring ? Or is it more of applying to a school of nursing. How long do you think it'll take to finish up my pre-reqs and stuff? Oh yeah btw .. I live in california. Thanks!


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It depends on if the school you are attending has the fast track program. The fast track programs will get you finished with pre-reqs in about 1 full year. However, if going to a regular CC and taking a full load it may take about 5 4 semesters. The transferring will require you applying to the school and the program. You have to remember that students already enrolled in the 4 year school get first pick over transfer ins. I think that going straight to a 4 year school is the best route because you get acclimated to the way the school does things.


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I am currently finishing up prereqs at a CC in California. This is my 3rd year here. It does take a while to finish everything because in addition to the general ed classes you need just to transfer, you must also take specific prereq nursing classes. I have applied to a bunch of universities so far. Each of school of nursing also has an application process & all their dates for applying are different. So, you apply to the university, and THEN apply to its nursing program. However, some schools don't open their applications for the fall until January so you have to make sure you keep track.

Good luck!


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It will take a year to finish prerequisites. 3 to 4 semesters at the most. It depends on how many classes you take at a time or wether you go in the day or evening.