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First, does anyone have a clear job duties list for CNA's on nightshift. This shift is my weak link. Basically they think their job is just to answer call lights and maybe clean a few w/c's.

Second, I am having a difficult time getting my nurses to sign the PRN Painflow sheets when they give narcotics. They are very consistent when it comes to signing out the narcotic, however they forget to sign the PRN Painflow sheet to show the resident's response and effectiveness. I have given inservice after inservice but they are still not consistently doing this. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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I have the same problem with the PRNs, no solution from me. But yes, I have clear job duties for the night shift CNAs. Other than rounding, they wash wheelchairs & gerichairs, fill glove boxes, clean IV poles and pumps, put up stock. They have a rotating assignment for rooms that chairs are washed. The nurse fills out the assigned rooms. The CNAs sign that the work was completed and the nurse signs that she observed that the chairs were clean.

I must say it sounds like it works a lot better than it sounds like it works.


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As far as the PRNS..is it a separate paper or can it be documented with the med? We have blocks right where we sign our intials for pre and post pain assessment scores. That way we don't need to flip around pages. It gets done more often.

As far as 11-7...type up a check off form and give it to them to fill out nightly.



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My 11-7 CNAs have a different duty each night in addition to providing care. We document our pain evals right on the MARs when we sign off the med. getting everyone to get on the bus was a little challenging at first but in the end, everyone does it almost as second nature now.