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My first question is..I work in a LTC facility. I have to be at work at 7am so I usually go to bed between 9-10pm, but last night I was up until 1am..I just could not sleep. When I got to work this morning I found out that a resident had died. When I was trying to go to sleep I kept seeing old people (like little wrinkle faces and body forms, but not a certain face..like never saw eyes or anything..just like mouths and stuff.) Well I never took care of the pt but did often just talk to his family and say hi and things like that..Do you think that I kind of knew? have you ever done this...little strange..I know but just curious.

My second Question is that I was hired PRN and am on a list for the first full time position that become available. Well I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and every other weekend from 7am to 3pm. Sounds like full time to me yet I can't get benefits or PTO. What do you think I should do? Should I mention this to the DON or what?



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If you think you knew then you knew. Not everything can easily be explained scientifically. There may be a psyc thing

or maybe you picked up bits of information that your brain was processing and you were not consciously aware that you knew.

Yes talk to the DON.


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That facility, like most, probably has a certain number of "official" full-time slots, which are presently filled. So it hires per diem (PRN) people to complete the work schedule.

You are one of them. You might work 7 days a week, but are still in a per diem position (no benefits, but usually paying more per hour than regular full-time jobs in order to compensate).

If you are already on the list for the next full-time slot, there is nothing to talk to your DON about, except to let him/her know of your continuing interest in becoming full-time, should such a position open.


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sjoe, I think you are making some assumptions here. It can't hurt to talk. The worst that can happen is she comfirms what you just said.

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