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Questions from a student


So I am about to graduate at the end of this year with my ADN. I have a 2 questions and would love some input!

1)I currently work in the emergency room in my home town as a tech. I am very familiar with the flow of the department and handle the stress it takes very well. As a tech we assist in code situations, assist doctors with casting and splinting, take vital signs, enter doctors orders in, and much more. Emergency medicine has my heart so my question is How realistic is it to get a job in an emergency room or ICU right off as a new grad?

2) Also on another note, as I said earlier I am graduating this December and would like to start a bachelors program right away in January. Is that going to be very difficult with finding a job or is it worth it to get it as soon as possible?

Have you reached out to anyone that you work with or any supervisors? Since you already work in the ER maybe you can utilize some of those connections. Try to find new grad residencies in your area as they are more likely to hire you into the ER and ICU with these types of programs.

It all depends on the type of person you are. Finding a job can be a full time job all in itself. Would you be able to balance looking for work and going to school? It's all about what YOU can handle! It certainly can be done. Good Luck! :)

Oh, you ask if it is worth it...well...it all depends on the market where you live. Some hospitals highly favor BSN nurses and those working towards their BSN while others will hire ADN nurses without thinking twice. It all depens on your area! Look into the facilities near you, think about what you are capable of, and then make your decision.