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Questions regarding The Johns Hopkins Hospial

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I am going to be relocating to Baltimore and have applied to the Johns Hopkins SICU unit. I see that the job description states Full Time 40hrs, rotating shifts. Can anyone tell me if these are 5 8hr shifts? Or a mix of 12's and 8's? And is the rotating shifts mean that they can do both nights and day shifts within the same week? Thanks!!

Maybe even post this in Maryland Nursing section if you fail to get responses. Good Luck!

I can sort of answer your question. I am also relocating to Baltimore (this Friday actually) because I am a new nurse who got a job with JHH in the MICU. MY hours are 12s. In terms of the shifts you work, it really depends on the unit. I interviewed in the CCU, MICU, and MPCU and what I can tell you is that the MICU and CCU were both 12s. The MPCU was a mix of 12s and 8s. In terms of the rotating, yes, rotating means that you will be working days and nights, any combination in any given week. At first they say you'll start out about 60% days, 40% nights. Good luck on your interviews! Message me if you'd like to meet up in Baltimore! Need to make some friends since I know no one! Haha

Hi there! I am starting as a new nurse in the CCU in September! We do three 12s one week and the next week we do 4. Good to see others at Hopkins on this site. I posted something last month and got no responses!


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How are you guys liking JHH? I've considered applying, but haven't as of yet. Can you share the pay ranges?