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My dad was a public health doc and he and I have discussed this some; he loved his time spent there.

I am wondering what the benefits of public health nursing are; who you most often treat, what the responsibilites, hours, and pay, not to mention satisfaction level.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



I have worked as a PHN in case management. The population usually is families with children or infants but there can be opportunities to work with the disabled or elderly. You maximize your assessment, problem solving, critical thinking and patient teaching skills as a PHN. Typically positions are in the local health dept. Pay tends to be slightly less than hopsital pay. The work day tends to be more standard. I think PHNs are very satisfied with their jobs. Many never change to other types of nursing once they are there. I think the big reward is helping someone adapt in their own environment vs. in an acute situation. You tend to deal with chronic care and communicable diseases. There is a PHN list. To join email [email protected] Type "SUBSCRIBE PHNURSES" and your name in the text box.

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