Questions about online nursing schools (ASN)


I have looked into Excelsior college and am thinking of going there. I have completed more than 50% of a traditional nursing program, which qualifies me for the program. I only have to take the 7 nursing courses, all my other classes transfer over. My question is I had problems with test taking in traditional school and am wondering how the test are at this school. Are they similar to NCLEX test? Are they similar to the practice test they give you with the program? I am hoping that excelsior test will be better than traditional school test, because this was the only problem I was having. One other question, Does anyone know of any other online ASN programs out there? I have heasr there is one based out of Florida but search and search and cannot find anything on it. Please let me know your thoughts/experiences on other online schools and excelsiors program. I heard the Florida online school does not have a clinicals or clinical test, is this true? Thanks for your help.