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Questions about nursing school


Hello all. Can anyone tell me the amount of hours per they would spend studying during clinicals? How many hours do you spend studying in a 2 year program compared to a 4 year program?

Also, does nursing school help you become a good critical thinker?


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Nursing school does its best to hone your critical thinking skills. Much critical thinking is also learned on-the-job and comes from experience.

How much time you spend studying depends entirely on your habits and how long it takes you to become familiar with new information. Personally, I managed to work full time during most of my nursing program (junior and senior years). The amount of time I devoted to work decreased as I progressed clinically to where, by the time I was in my last semester, I was only working about 24 hours a week.

Nursing school is VERY time intensive. You are expected to have no other professional obligations that might interfere. You should expect to treat nursing school as your day job.

I cannot speak from experience regarding 2 year (ADN) programs, but from what I've heard, they are even more condensed.


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So I did an accelerated BSN program....18 months for the whole program. Our class was great....we did a lot of studying on the outside together. Having all the support of my fellow students really helped me get through the program.

I'm in a BSN program with the option to become licensed after 2 years (December 2015). I work part time right now, but probably could have worked full time this semester. I probably spend an average of 4-5 hours per week studying content. I study the skills for ~6 to 8 hours per week, but this is because I enjoy studying the skills, and help my peers after I know how to do the skill to solidify my knowledge.