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Questions about Nursing Programs in Boston, MA

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I will be relocating to Boston this Summer and I'm currently doing as much research as possible on the Nursing programs that are offered there. So far I have looked into Bunker Hill Community College and Simmons College.

I'm mainly interested in getting my ADN to RN (which is why BHCC is an option) but I am not opposed to getting my BSN right away either.

The nursing program at Simmons College seems very promising, the only issue is that it is very expensive and I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it. (Although loans are always an option). I noticed they have a 2 year and 4 year track and was wondering what the work load was like for 2 years. If you currently attend Simmons College or are an Alumni, it would be a huge help if I could ask some questions regarding the nursing program there!

BHCC is also an option for me because it is very cost effective but I haven't been able to obtain a lot of insight on how good of a program it is. If you are a student at BHCC I would also like to ask a few questions as well.

I am also open to any recommendations about Nursing Programs in the Boston area. Thank you so much!

Hi! I am a senior nursing student at Simmons, graduating with my BSN in May. Simmons is definitely pricey, but I've found that they give really good financial aid. The program has a great reputation and I have done all of my clinicals at major Boston hospitals. We get more hours than many programs in the Boston area. I'm I'm the traditional 4 year, and I have some friends in the accelerated FNP program. I think both programs are tough but not impossible. Not sure about the 2 year specifically, I know we have a "Dix scholars" program, so maybe you would fall under that.

I personally have not heard of BHCCs program. You could consider UMass Boston as well, that might be cheaper and I've heard it's a pretty good program as well.

Happy to answer more specific questions if you have them.

Hi Ella! I really appreciate your reply and had a few questions as well.

Would it be okay if I asked you approximately how much it costs after aid at Simmons?

Also, I looked into their admissions requirement and noticed that an essay was required but I'm currently unable to find the topic of the essay, what was the admissions process when you applied and is there a general essay topic that was given?

Their tuition and fees also has room and board included in the total so I was wondering if on campus living was a requirement as well.

Thank you so much!

Did you make a decision on where to apply?