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Was wondering about how your compensation and benefits compare to your previous Nursing Packages. I have been a nurse for going on 19 years now and work in ER for last 2 1/2 years. I make a decent living but want more responsibility and autonomy and a bit less lifting pushing pulling ect.. (getting old)

I have already started working on the FNP track , but am concerned when I read some posts describing what is no less that a severe paycut compared to what I enjoy now.

I'm very torn in this respect , as critical care and ED have inspired me to greater heights but with a house and children , it would be near impossible to sustain our lifestyle. Can anyone give hint of a ballpark figure of compensation and reasonable expectations on benefits? If you don't feel comfortable posting please feel free to send via private message. I have researched many different "salary" calculators online for my area but they seem to lowball what I know I get so don't think they are trustworthy.(underestimate by a large degree)

Also of particular interest is how do the ER NPs out there rate their work with Physicians in ER? I know Methodist and Charlton both use NPs in the ED but have not worked at either facility.

Any help you fiolx might provide is greatly apreciated.

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