questions!F1 nursing student during the summer break in US


Hello, I am a nursing student in TX. I am from South Korea and currently on F-1 visa.

I just started nursing school since last fall and was wondering what F1 nursing student can do during the summer break in USA to enhance the understanding and gain more experiences?

please give me any suggestion or tell me your what you did after the first year of nursing school. Thank you!!


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Try summer internships...some hospitals might have that for the summer sessions. Ask around and find out. It's a great way to gain experience too.


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so can i still apply for intership under CPT now and I won't have problem working under OPT after graduation?

This whole CPT and OPT just confuse me..:(

I still have 2 summers prior to my graduation, so would you recommend me doing an internship from now on? I honestly only know basic skills, PO meds, and parenteral administration.

I heard something about externship too, but I am not sure if international student can do that..

sorry about too many questions at once


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I did my externship in the hospital using my CPT. Your CPT should not exceed 12 months if you want to be able to qualify for one year OPT after graduation. My CPT was 11 months. I am graduating in 4 weeks and already received my postcompletion OPT EAD card for one year without any problems. Cannot wait to start my OPT :)

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