questions on EB3 visa sponsorship in the US

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Hello fellow nurses in the Philippines, I just want to ask those who have applied for the EB3 visa, how did you find your employer that is sponsoring your for the visa?is it through agency or do you have a relative in the US that arranged your application with your employer?Also, is there anybody here who got sponsored even though retrogression is still here? I want to know if it is possible to find an employer that will sponsor me inspite of the retrogression so I can start my application for the Visa before my NCLEX letter of passing expires. I have relatives in california, will they be of help in finding the sponsor?and how?

is eb3 the same as the h1b? i think your best chance is through an agency since they probably know more regarding the visa processing. and they probably would know better how to handle your visa application at this difficult time of retrogression.

i don't think there's any guarantee about landing a job. i also don't have any idea how long i have to wait before my application gets approved. i'm also praying for this. haha.

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