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Questions about CNL at MCG!

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Hello I am currently a sophomore in college and am very interested in the CNL program at MCG. I am a little confused though about what exactly it is. I know I would get my 4 year degree in something other than nursing, then apply for the 2yr program. I am questioning what would happen after I graduate from the CNL program..would I just be able to take my exam to be an RN and be an RN just like I would if I got my BSN?

Hi! I am currently a student at MCG, but im in the BSN program. As far as I know the CNL students do have a degree in something other than nursing. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the NCLEX licensure examination for Registered Nurses (RN) and the CNL Certification exam offered by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. It is a tough program and its about 50% online. The website has a lot of info on it. It is www.mcg.edu/son Hope this helps some!! Let me know if you have anymore questions and I can try to help!

Thanks for your response! Yes I read the website and have all that information! Do you know if the CNL program is more difficult to get into than the BSN program? And how do you like MCG?

Hi! Im not completely sure if it is more difficult to get into the CNL program or not. I would think so because there are less spots, but more people seem to apply for the BSN program so im not really sure. I want to say I heard someone say that they had somewhere around 400 people apply to the BSN program and there are (I think) around 120 spots total. Im really not completely sure I know there are 81 of us in Augusta and I think about 40 in Athens. But I love MCG! Im so glad that I was able to go there and I really hope to get my masters here as well!!

Does anyone know how the interview is for nursing school?

Does the CNL Program also look at your Graduate Degree GPA or is it strictly your undergrad GPA?


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