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Questions about CNA, RN and BSN(Need help)

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Hi, all

This is my very first time using this web site and I'm so exited because I find the website is very helpful. I've recently become interested in nursing career even though I'll be graduated with a Computer Science degree within 2 weeks. I really want to go back to school for nursing even though I know I spent lot of time in school already.

I did some research and get some information on different types of nurses. Do you guys know what is a good school for CNA and how long will it usually take?

What is the difference between the nursing program at GPC and BSN at a four year institute? Would it take the same amount of time?

It's hard to find a job in CS; would it be the same for nursing?



You can get your CNA at a lot of schools...I know KSU offers a course, and I believe Chatt Tech does as well. It's 8 weeks I think, and they usually meet evenings or weekends. A BSN will usually only take you a little bit longer than an ADN since an ADN takes more than 2 years if you account for prereqs. There's also accelerated BSN programs for people who already have degrees in another field. There's a lot of options out there, you just need to find out what suits you. I graduated this past May with my BS in Criminal Justice and I'm starting an accelerated ADN program in January. I'll finish in May 2010 and be able to take the NCLEX and start work as an RN. I'll go back and get my BSN shortly thereafter. Good luck!

Don't feel bad about going back to school so soon, you need to do what makes you happy!

Thanks so much for your reply. It's very helpful to me. Where are you going for your ADN? How long does an accelerated ADN take?

Sure thing! I'll be attending Georgia Highlands and the program runs straight through from January '09 to May '10 so like 14 months? It's taken me approximately 1 1/2 years to do prereqs.


My advice would be to first complete a CNA program and see if you like working in health care. While you work as a CNA take your pre-requisites for nursing school, preferrably for an accelerated BSN program. There are accelerated BSN programs out there that require just one year to complete (after you have all your pre-reqs). Nursing school is NOT easy, especially when you do a fast-track program. You must apply in advance to make sure you will get accepted once you finish your pre-reqs and do not have to wait too long. If you need a list of state-approved CNA programs in your area check out http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-aide-ga.php and select the county you are interested in from the map available there. Some of these programs may be free if taken at a nursing home. It's very important that you become a CNA first do see if you truly want to be an RN later on. While the two jobs are NOT the same, you will get to experience working in a health care environment, and helping patients with ADLs (bathing, feeding, turning, etc.) which is part of nursing as well. Before you spend lots of money in nursing school make sure you really want to make a carreer out of it! Best of luck to you!

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