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Questions about CNA exam in CA


Hey everyone,

I am challenging the CNA exam on Wednesday. I am in nursing school at the moment, and have been using videos online to relearn everything the CNA way for the exam. There are a few things that I am confused about though:

1) For assisting with bedpan, what do I do about the used handwipe and toilet paper? After putting on gloves, am I to just grab it and throw them in the waste and hamper before lowering the bed? Or do I ask the client to throw them away for me? I'm worried that I'll get dinged if I touch the used items and then the remote that raises and lowers the bed for infection control.

2) When assisting to ambulate, step three states that the patient is to be wearing their own shoes. Is this an order dependent step, which would require me to have the shoes on before assisting to sit? Or can I assist to sit, and then put on the shoes?

3) For feeding a client, how do I know when the meal is done for the exam? After they have had a bite of each item and a sip of something to drink? After the plate is empty?

4) For PROM of the shoulder, what position should the client be in?

5) When dressing the client, am I allowed to raise the head of the bed up to a sitting position, or must the client be lying flat?

6) When providing foot care, I know the client's foot needs to be placed in the basin first. After that, can I move the basin and rest the client's foot on a towel, or should I hold the foot over the basin for the duration of the wash?

Lastly, after finishing the written portion of the exam, will I be able to familiarize myself with the the equipment in the testing room so I know where to find the supplies I need and be able understand how to use the bed properly? I am used to working in a hospital environment, and am nervous about the differences between that and home care setting that is used for the exam.

wow quite a laundry list of questions you have here. Well I am not from California, but might be able to help with some of these.

1.The assumed used tolet paper should be in the bed pan which is just dumped into toilet/commode along with the "contents", so there is no handling of that. You should then take your gloves off and wash your hands. Then come back and offer your resident some hand wipes which you can offer the trash can and they can throw the hand wipes in the trash, or I also have heard you can have a paper towel in your hand which then you can have them put it in your hand and throw it in the trash

2.I believe if they are not sitting already, and are lying down in bed to start, get them into a sitting position and then it is easier for you to put on their shoes. Then you can have them stand and ambulate them. I did it this way when I had transfer from bed to wheelchair

3. The client will tell you they are finished. Give them bites and sips of drink as many times as you have to before the client says they are finished. It is important to try to get them to eat one more bit. They may take it they may not. Then you are finished

4.I believe they are lying down flat for this one

5. HAve them in a sitting position

6.Have the foot over the basin untill it is time to dry it

Hope that helps