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Questions for Chicago L&D nurses!!!!


:up: ICU RN wanting to start in L&D in Chicago


Hi Everyone in Chi-town!

I am currently a California RN with over a year of Critical Care/Neurosurgical ICU experience. My husband and I are thinking of relocating to Chicago and I would like to become a Labor and Delivery nurse.

I want to know from all of you:

#1 Which is the best hospital for Labor and Delivery in the Chicago area?

#2 Which hospitals offer the best cross-training programs in L&D?

#3 Any contacts for L&D nurse managers and/or Nurse Recruiters at the good Chicago Hospitals!

THANKS SO MUCH and I can't wait to hear all there is to know about Chi-town L&D!!!!


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You COULD try posting this question on the General Nursing Forum or the Illinois Nursing Forum, if you don't get many answers here. I do know, my sisters all had their babies at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, NW of Chicago and had nothing but GREAT things to say. Also knew a nurse who worked there; said the same thing.

I have never worked in Chicago or the Burbs, just grew up there, so can't comment personally. GOOD LUCK!

GGRRR, I seriously wrote a long post about every hospital in Chicago I know and lost it all. I will try to write something more later, but please feel free to PM me if you have some questions. I also know people at various hospitals so I might be able to get some good info.

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