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Hello All :),

I am US citizen born and raised, but I went to school and graduated from a BSN program from the Philippines. I have not taken the Philippine local board (did not plan to work there) and I have not taken the NCLEX here in the states yet either. I am planning to take my NCLEX here soon though, but I have recently been curious about working in Australia as an RN instead (maybe, hehe).

I've looked online for answers on how to become an RN in Australia and I have come across a lot of things. Working visas, student visas, going back to school, etc. It's all kind of confusing. Do I have to go back to school there for a year even though I already have a degree? Is it just school or will I be able to work and at the same time earn a local Australian nursing degree? Or is there a way just to take the RN test there to get licensed? There is no site that just gives me all the answers clearly on one page.

If anyone could give me an idea of what I'm suppose to do in a step by step process (if I decide to be an RN Australia) it would be very much appreciated. Also, what is the pay like for a new RN in Australia?

Thanks in advance for all of your help! :))

As you are not an RN but a person with a nursing degree, our national health professional board, will most likely ask you to attend a university course and not the short bridging course as you are not bridging from RN. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Home

If you pass NCLEX then you can apply for assessment from AHPRA and be given the opportunity to do a bridging course- this may be waivered, but all nurses with BSN from the Phillipines that have not worked in any other country are required to do this.

You can work as a nursing assistant while on student visa 20 hours a week.

Check out the thread on new graduate from the Phillipines as you are a nurses graduate from the Phillipines, you should get out of the IELTS test.

There is no national exam.

After nurses registration you can apply for a working visa = if US citizen, or apply as all overseas nurses with no experience as a skilled visa you do not qualify for with no experience as RN, to a health organisation to sponsor you for a long term business visa- these positions are becoming fewer between as Australia really needs nurses with experience in specialties, local nurses with no experience will always be considered first for positions before facilities can sponsor international nurses.

...and I have no idea how Australia is going to cope with the hundreds of nurses with no experience wanting to work here over the next few years.

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