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Hi everyone!

I shadowed the med-surg ICU at a hospital I really want to work at last week, and my interview is this Friday. The clinical director (who I haven't met yet) wasn't there when I shadowed, so she offered to meet with me before my interview to answer any questions I might have (it's a panel interview so she won't be in it). What are some good ICU specific questions I could ask? I got a good feel for the culture of the unit when I shadowed, but want to make a good impression. Thanks you in advance 🙂 

Edit, it's for a new grad residency 

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I know your interview has probably come and gone, but here are some things that are important, especially for a new nurse

-what is the turnover rate for the unit?
-how long is the typical new grad on orientation?
-how are preceptors matched to new grads?
-will there be time dedicated for classroom learning?
-how will my progression be evaluated?

It's really important when going into a specialty as stressful and high stakes as ICU to have a solid foundation and orientation so you want to make sure they are ready to invest in your success.

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