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Questions before applying to nursing school

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Can anyone tell me what I can expect being a nurse? I have spent hours upon hours in a hospital with my fiancee and I felt so compelled to do what nurses do. I have a mother and several aunts who are all in the medical field to some degree - and it just seems like a fit. But I do have a few questions I would like honest answers to so I know as much as I can before applying and be sure this is in fact my fit. I'm 32, going through a career shift and really hope you out there can advise me.

I have a bachelor's in business administration. Can anyone tell me the estimated length of completing a nursing degree (if I go full time) with many pre-reqs done already?

What exactly is the difference between an ADN and BSN. What do those with BSN do that those with ADN cannot do? Is it that the pay is that much better or does it just depend on what you want to do long term? Where would you find an ADN working?

I live in Madison, WI. Has anyone who received an accredited nursing degree ever found it difficult to find a job after graduation? What can I expect to make working full time and what are the hours like the first couple of years on the job? Do you work 8 or 12 hour shifts? Do you work graveyard shifts because you're new? If so, for how long?

How is the nursing environment while working? Is it stressful/chaotic/always running somewhere or do you always remain calm and allowed to take your time with everything you do?

Aside from hospital nurses who attend to those staying in hospitals and specialty nurses such as NICU, are there any other kind of nurses who do not work in hospitals? If so, what do they do and in what kinds of places do they work?

I appreciate any and all answers from those who have walked in these shoes before! I really want to get a good feel of what to expect and walk in with most if not all "blinds up." Any other info you think I might find useful, please include!

Thank you!

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KeeperMom has 10 years experience and works as a CRNP.

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The best advice I have about nursing school, etc is to get yourself a glass of wine or whatever your poison and start digging through the sticky-ed posts at the top of each forum. There is a lot of really great info in those threads and will answer many of your questions.


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iPink has 5+ years experience and works as a Mother/Baby Nurse.

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You may want to post this question again in the Nursing forum. I can give some advise since I am also a career changer.

I have a bachelors degree in another field. I will be going for an Accelerated BSN program. I had applied for the Fall 2010, but the program was full so they will be holding my app for the Spring 2011 semester (only 3 months difference). The ABSN programs by me run between 12-15 months in length.

From my first degree, I wasn't required to take any science, but for nursing, science is a must. So, taking the prerequisites and getting into an ABSN program, it would take me about 2 years.

I didn't realize my community college has an Accelerated ASN program, which is 3 semesters long. I have applied to that as well for the Spring 2011.

Believe it or not, but the Accelerated ASN program is more expensive than the ABSN program (including application fee). If I get accepted to both, I'm choosing the ABSN. I'm just planning for the what ifs.

Accelerated programs can run about $28-30k. So, it's up to you if you want to pay that much. If you can't, look into the regular ASN RN programs, which are much cheaper. A nurse is a nurse, no matter the degree. He/she must pass the NCLEX anyways to even practice.

Hope this was helpful regarding your schooling choice.

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