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questions to American RNs


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hi, just wanna ask about the function of LPN,CNA?.I know CNA works under the staff nurses(RN) like assistants right?.what about the LPNs job description? Are you RNs out there more on doing paper work,carrying out doctor's orders,giving meds,procedures and don't do bedbaths and pressure sore dressings,answering call bells etc.Are these jobs being delegated to CNAs?.how many CNAs have you got/shift?.

It can really vary depending both on the individual state's laws on the scope of practice of RN's, LPN's and CNA's, as well as the style of nursing at individual hospitals. Where I work, there are no LPN's, only RN's and a few CNA's. While the RN's here only have 3-4 patients on a high-acuity med-surg floor, there may be only one or two CNA's for 30 paitents, so VERY often we end up answering most call lights, putting patients on bedpans, etc. If you want to read a LOT more about this, search the threads for "team nursing" and "primary nursing"

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