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Questions About Detroit Medical Center


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Does anyone here work for DMC? Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to secure employment there, or how the working conditions are? I am a diploma RN who has almost 100 credits towards my BSN but I haven't worked in an acute care setting since 2004. I recently had an interview at a large teaching hospital in Toledo, OH, since I live in Monroe Co. and could go either way and have my Ohio RN license, and, while the nurse recruiter seemed to really want to recruit me, the unit manager who interviewed me after the recruiter interview seemed concerned about my lack of very recent experience. Even though it would be about an hour's drive one way, I am thinking about applying at some hospitals in the Detroit area as soon as my Michigan RN license arrives, which should be within the next two weeks. Can anyone suggest a place where they might welcome someone with 10+ years of acute care experience, even though none of it has been in the past five years? The reason I mentioned DMC is because they happen to have some positions open right now that I am qualified for. Thanks!

SusanKathleen, RN

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i am employed by the dmc, and i know that they are not hiring too many people right now, like everywhere else. but each hospital has a few openings. receiving posted 3 positions for the neuro trauma, and by thursday of this week, they received 95 applications! i can't really answer your question about your experience, but they do hire new grads, so you would likely be in a good position. the real problem with every opening at every hospital, in my opinion, is getting the interview. the dmc, by the way- is a fabulous place to work.


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Thank you for your reply. I guess all I can do is apply then, and see what happens.

Thanks again!

Which hospital in the DMC system are you trying to get into?

Receiving and Childrens have magnet status.....

At Receiving, it's practically impossible to get a recruiter on the phone... and don't really know where the office is.


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I was hired as a PCA on Labor & Delivery @ Hutzel. I love it. I applied for 90 other PCA jobs. DMC is an inner city hospital, the pt population is like a dumping ground. You take the good with the bad. I have found DMC to have great benefits and pay, and on your resume DMC is like a big gold star. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. The hardest part is getting an interview. The recruiter's office is in Orchestra Place, and you can't just show up asking for an interview. They have to call you or you will never make it past security.